201007 Herbal Talk-The Green Theory

While studying Ganotherapy, you must understand and take note of the entire body system. You should have a clear view of all the common problems that people often face and come up with an easy solution for the issue. The conventional health issues are depression, obesity, and lack of energy and vitality. People seek products to heal these complications. For this, you need to understand how the body functions. It would help if you asked yourself questions like “What is the cause of depression?” or “What is the cause of obesity?”.

If you are a salesman in the business of trading Ganoderma and the products of Ganotherapy, it is a must that you become a professional to provide an adequate solution for any health-related issue.

There is one aspect of depression that is due to anemia or a deficiency of good blood.

The primary question is how do we maintain the right quantity of blood in the body? How do we produce hemoglobin? Iron is a decent source, but it is only a part of the solution. A lady came to me one day with a case of anemia. She was fragile and skinny. She told me that she had consulted a doctor who advised her to take iron tablets. However, after years of consumption, there hasn’t been any improvement. I noticed that her lips were pale, which was a clear indication that her stomach was weak and that she had a low metabolism. As her stomach was weak, the power of absorption of nutrients would be insufficient. Hence, no amount of iron could solve her problem.

I prescribed 6 pairs of RG and GL for strengthening her stomach. Within three months, she was cured of anemia. We also advised her to consume green vegetables. The chlorophyll present in green vegetables would amplify the production of hemoglobin in the body. We usually advise our patients to drink a vegetable juice that is made of green vegetables. Anyhow, after we introduced Spirulina, this may not be necessary since our products are rich in chlorophyll.

Spirulina is present in caustic, alkaline lakes.

They tend to survive even if the lake is all dried up. They are packed with chlorophyll and can vitalize the blood in our system. A lady from Ethiopia was suffering from a lack of oxygen in her body due to the town’s altitude. I advised her to take 15 tablets of Spirulina, and later her blood oxygen level was back to normal.