201111 Herbal Talk-Future training

Similar to engineering, Ganotherapy is simple, but the advanced applications are difficult. The advanced study of Ganotherapy enables you to become a good herbalist and healthcare consultant. I am a promoter of simplicity, and I wouldn’t say I like overcomplicated theories. Over the years, I have simplified the teaching of herbs. This is just the gist of what we are going to teach you in the future.

The teachings in Shang Han Lun are thoroughly used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Using the ancient text Shang Han Lun, I am going to conduct a series of lectures on herbs and herbal theory. The reason for using a book as ancient as this one is simple. It is the first formal book on herbs that has been written in Chinese. Since it is the first book, the theories stated in it are fundamental and simple to understand.

The reason for using ancient herbal formulas is also simple. We use them because they have been applied and tested out on humans for thousands of years. It is reliable and has proven to be effective. To understand the application of these herbal formulas, we need to study the body system first. Without understanding how our body works, you cannot apply any herbal formula. I always tell my students that there is no harm in studying herbology, even if it doesn’t ignite an iota of interest inside you because it teaches you how our body functions. Using these herbal formulas, we also learn a lot about herbs. I am one of the very few herbalists who uses common vegetables in place of herbs. A common joke that I say to my students is that you need not go to the mountains in order to retrieve these herbs. You can find them in your local supermarket!

Substituting many ancient herbal formulas with standard, conventional vegetables is probably my greatest contribution to this field. My father was a herbalist and he used to collect a variety of herbs along the land that was reserved for the railways, close to his pharmacy. He often pointed towards the herbs that he used regularly and used to educate me in terms of its applications. I also try to bring in edible herbs and plants to our dining table. Around DXN’s factory in Siddipet, India we can identify dozens of herbs that are edible and can be used in many methods.

In the future of our Sunya camp, we shall demonstrate how to dry and powder the herbs and to make them into honey and water globules for patients who need it. These traditions have been passed down from so many years and are still very relevant and can treat many ailments. As Zhang Zhong Jing, the author of Shang Hun Lun has mentioned, all of us need to study the science of herbs. This enables us take care of our own health and of those who are dear to us.

This a long journey and many of you may drop out. But as Buddha said, those who are well learned and drop out, resemble withered flowers, it dries out but the fragrance still remains.